The Village Plump collection design inspiration

The Village Plump collection design inspiration

Location: PO Box 720, Rose Bay, New South Wales 2029, Australia

Designer: Helen Kontouris

Photography: APLOS

The Village Plump collection design inspiration

In the world of Australian furniture, a collection that redefines versatility and comfort emerges: The Village Plump Collection, the creation of design luminary Helen Kontouris. This exemplary range of Australian furniture takes inspiration from agility within elegance, introducing The Village Plump Curved, The Village Plump Lounges, and The Village Plump Ottomans. Each piece harmoniously blends into contemporary spaces, fostering connection and community with a distinctive design ethos.

Crafted amidst the Australian ethos of beauty and simplicity, Aplos, under Simon Cross’s and Helen Kontouris’s visionary guidance, has produced a collection that encapsulates the spirit of contemporary living.

The distinction between The Village Collection and The Village Plump Collection lies in their approach to form and beauty. While The Village Collection focuses on classic lines and an enduring aesthetic, The Village Plump Collection is all about being light, agile, and having a more casual yet equally sophisticated approach to luxury. It’s the answer to the call for Australian furniture that adapts to the dynamism of contemporary life.

The Village Plump Curve celebrates sophisticated contours and plush comfort. Exuding a light and agile aura, they offer a reconfigurable design that accommodates many interior scenarios. Each curve and seam is a narrative of meticulous craftsmanship, rendering these lounges not just pieces of furniture but sculptural elements that enhance the human experience within any given space.

As we delve deeper into the collection, The Village Plump Lounges present themselves as chameleons of the interior design world. They possess an innate ability to transform spaces into productive, collaborative, or tranquil environments per the user’s desire. This adaptable nature ensures that The Village Plump Lounges are not only a part of the space but a catalyst for interaction and creativity.

The Village Plump Ottomans epitomise functional elegance. These pieces transcend their primary utility to become interactive elements within a space. They are not mere accessories but central features that invite engagement, offering sophisticated punctuation in a room’s design narrative.

The production of the collection underscores APLOS’s dedication to Australian furniture, which is made with integrity and a keen sense of responsibility towards sustainability.

Crafted with high-grade materials, the collection embodies the principle of ‘Beauty in Simplicity,’ a hallmark of both Aplos’s design philosophy. The meticulous attention to detail, the harmonious proportions, and the tactile pleasure of premium textiles or leather all speak of a timeless luxury that is quintessentially Australian.

The Village Plump Collection is a beacon of innovative design in the grand tapestry of Australian furniture. It represents a seamless confluence of the past and the future, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary needs. Helen Kontouris’s vision, brought to life by Aplos, is a testament to the power of thoughtful design in crafting spaces that resonate with the rhythm of modern life.

As we step back to admire The Village Plump Collection, we are reminded of the difference that thoughtful design can make. It’s not just about filling spaces with objects; it’s about curating experiences that uplift, inspire, and endure. This collection is a tribute to the innovative spirit of Australian furniture – a spirit that continues to shape how we live, work, and interact within our spaces.

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