The Local Project Issue #13

The Local Project Issue #13

An Ode to Timeless Elegance: APLOS’s Triumph at The 2022 Good Design Award

In the illustrious enclave of the design world, where artistry and innovation converge, there emerges a distinctive narrative that pays homage to ingenuity and elegance. This narrative, ethereal in its delivery, is immortalised through the recognition bestowed by Good Design Australia, which epitomises the quintessence of design excellence. In 2022, this revered accolade adorned the hallowed ateliers of APLOS for “The Village” – a masterstroke in designer furniture, marrying grace and functionality with an eloquence seldom witnessed.

With an illustrious legacy from 1958, Good Design Australia emerges as a sanctified ground where innovation is celebrated and revered. It’s an institution that breathes life into artistic and functional ingenuity, echoing the solemn whispers of luxury and refinement through time. The annual Australian Good Design Awards are not just a ceremony but a ritual where the confluence of beauty, elegance, and innovation is honoured in a setting echoing the radiant aura of the creations it celebrates.

As the golden chalice of the 2022 Good Design Award for outstanding design and innovation in Product Design Furniture and Lighting was bestowed upon APLOS, the enchanting narrative of “The Village” unfolded. A designer furniture that encapsulates the quintessence of luxury and comfort. A milestone for APLOS, where each curve, stitch, and fold is a testament to an unyielding commitment to craftsmanship.

“A distinctive achievement of comfort and craftsmanship,” remarked the jury, their words a subtle yet profound melody singing praises of a creation where artistry transcends the mundane, weaving the ethereal tapestry of timeless elegance.

“The Village” transcends the ordinary, emerging not from impulsive inspiration but is the fruition of an exhaustive two-year investigative journey. The meticulous inquiry immersed itself in the intricate world of human-centred design, resonating profoundly with the unuttered necessities of the elderly, cherishing their dignity, and kindling a spirit of communal harmony. This designer furniture collection is not confined to the physical dimensions of its existence; it is a transformative entity, orchestrating an eloquent dance of comfort and luxury. Each element and curve is a verse in this silent sonnet of grace. The collection, encompassing The Village Curved, The Village Sofas, The Village Lounges, and The Village Ottomans, epitomises this dance, where every piece is a harmonious blend of form and function, artistry and comfort, echoing an elegance that lingers timelessly.

APLOS crafted this magnum opus with the precision that echoes a masterful artist’s serene whispers and an architect’s calculated elegance. With each detail, from the masterfully stitched detailing to the richly textured dimension of varying foam densities, “The Village” emerges as a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, echoing the profound narrative of authentic, timeless luxury.
In the intricately upholstered and stitched seams, in the silent yet profound embrace of the sewed piping elements, each aspect of “The Village” is a hymn of luxury. Designer furniture is a silent witness to the unyielding commitment to artistry, where each piece, handcrafted with the elegance that transcends time, becomes a luxury narrative.

The Village collection, graced with the strength of steel leg frames and the warmth and tactility of select textiles or leather, stands as a beacon of designer furniture artistry. It’s not just a creation but an experience, a silent journey through the realms of elegance, where comfort and sophistication converge in a sublime dance.

As Good Design Australia inscribed the names of APLOS and “The Village” in the prestigious hall of the 2022 Good Design Awards, a narrative of timeless elegance was immortalised. In the silent corridors of aged care facilities, in the serene embrace of workspaces, and in the bustling energy of educational environments, “The Village” will stand as a testament to a time when designer furniture transcended the realms of functionality and emerged as a symphony of artistry and comfort – a narrative echoing the silent yet profound whispers of luxury, for epochs to come.

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